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  2. As of January 1, the FIDE Laws of Chess are slightly different than before, when it comes to rapid chess and blitz. However, as GM Peter Heine Nielsen and others have pointed out, there's still plenty of room for debate.. The official rules of chess are changed every four years, but for the latest change, FIDE made an exception. During the 88th FIDE Congress, last October in Turkey, amendments.
  3. THE RULES OF CHESS Learning basic Sign up for our free Chess Training Plan for Rapid Improvement course. Our courses and articles are designed to improve your chess faster than any other method. Enjoy chess. When you enjoy doing something, learning is much faster and efficient. If you have fun playing chess, you will improve much faster. Your winning move...

Fast chess is a type of chess in which each player is given less time to consider their moves than normal tournament time controls allow. Fast chess is further subdivided, by decreasing time controls, into rapid chess, blitz chess, and bullet chess. Armageddon chess is a particular variation in which different rules apply for each of the two players The most popular rapid time control is 15|10, although many people play 30|0 and 60|0. Many other rapid time controls can be created and played on Chess.com by creating a custom time control. Playing rapid chess, one can lose the habit of concentrating for several hours in serious chess. — GM Vladimir Kramnik

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For Rapid. 15+10 (15 minutes with a 10 second increment) was the time control used in the recently concluded FIDE World Rapid and Blitz chess Championships. 25+10 Is very popular in top level rapid chess and all around as well, it was used in the World Cup in 2013 for the rapid tiebreak stage

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The concept of rapid chess (then called active chess) made its debut at a 1987 FIDE Congress meeting in Seville, Spain.During the World Active Chess Championship the following year, time controls were set at 30 minutes per player per game. In 1993, following his split from FIDE, world champion Garry Kasparov organized a slightly quicker version of active chess, dubbing it rapid chess Moscow will host the King Salman World Rapid & Blitz Championships 2019. Rules for the FIDE Open World Rapid Championship & FIDE Open World Blitz Championship. Rules for the FIDE Women's World Rapid Championship & FIDE Women's World Blitz Championship. FIDE is pleased to announce the dates and venue of the King Salman World Rapid & Blitz Championships-2019 Classical chess, as well as Rapid, Blitz and Bullet chess, are all now considered unique forms of play and require a tweaking of the rules to accommodate each one chess rules in sinhala, this is our 1st video of chess rules in sinhala lesson series. here you can download chess rules in sinhala pdf as well see below in the description. in this video we cover chapter one of the FIDE chess arbiter manual 2020 in Sinhala language

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Rad Rapid Rules and Regulations Welcome to the Rad Rapid League! Thank you so much for your interest in the league and we hope you will have an amazing time if you join. Our goal is to provide a fun place to compete, improve chess and have fun, all while making friends and forming a wonderful community. Of course, there must be a few guidelines. The FIDE Laws of Chess define the rules for Standard chess, Rapid chess, Blitz chess and guidelines for Chess960. Some rules are specifically adapted for disabled players. As the rules cover OTB play, they cannot be directly applied to computer chess or online chess, played on a computer device. The rules for correspondence chess are defined by the ICCF. Moving the pieces. The movement of. The Rules of Chess Playing Speed Chess, AKA Bullet Chess The Chess-as-a-Sport Debate 6 Types of Draws in Chess That You Should Know Basic Rules of Tournament Chess The 5 Best Chess Books to Advance Your Game How to Play Chess A Plot Summary of Chess: The Musical The 10 Most Famous Chess Games Playing in Your First Chess Tournament Basic Checkmates to Know in Chess Common Lines in the Ruy. Chess basics Practice Coordinates Study Coaches. Watch. Lichess TV Current games Streamers Broadcasts Video library. Community. Players Teams Forum. Tools. Analysis board Opening explorer Board editor Import game Advanced search. Sign in. Top Rated GM OCChess 2768 Bullet GM OCChess 2768 Blitz GM LittlePeasant 2719 Rapid Rezigalaksi 2361 Classical Harmony_in_life 2010 Crazyhouse CosmoStocks.

Chess Handbook: Rules, Tactics and Strategies for the Improving Player - Bardwick Product Code: 196266. $17.96 USD; $19.95 USD; Save $1.99 USD. Bulk Discounts ; Qty: Chess House Guarantee. Peace of Mind. When buying a chess set online, avoid all the hassle if unfortunate breaks or loss happens. Buying from Chess House gives you easy access to parts for many years so your set is always playable. Rapid - Schedule & Rules. Festival regulations download (pdf) 15:00-16:00 16:30-21:00; 13 Feb 2020: Registration: Rounds 1-7: Regulations. Organizer. Nový Bor Chess Club. Co-organizer. AVE-KONTAKT. Date. 13th February 2020; Tournament Director. Petr Boleslav; Chief Arbiter . IA Pavel Votruba; Time Control. 2 x 10 min + 5s/move, 7-round Swiss tournament; Prizes & Starting fee. financial prizes.

The rapid time control shall be twenty five (25) minutes per game, with a five (5)-second increment from move one (G/25+5). The blitz time control shall be five (5) minutes per game, with a three (3)-second increment from move one (G/5+3). Prizes: The total prize fund shall be $250,000 (Two Hundred Fifty Thousand U.S. Dollars). Tiebreak: In the event of a tie for any place in the tournament. Rules. ECU Statutes; ECU Tournament Rules; ECU Bank Account; ECU BRAND BOOK; APP; EUROPEAN ONLINE CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP 2020- Regulations. April 15, 2020. 0 Comment. European Chess Union organises the European Online Chess Championship from 16th-31st of May 2020, through Chess.com platform. The event will be played in 5 rating categories (according to April 2020 FIDE Rating Rapid list): A. 1000. The Grand Chess Tour 2021, a series of five top tournaments (two with classical time-controls, three in rapid and blitz mode) announced the ten players that will compete as full 2021 tour participants: Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, Ding Liren, Fabiano Caruana, Wesley So, Ian Nepomniachtchi, Alexander Grischuk, Levon Aronian, Shakhriyar Mamedyarov, Teimour Radjabov, and Anish Giri chess blitz rapid échecs ajedrez Schach शतरंज catur ब्लिट्ज xadrez 棋 شطرنج cờ vua шахматы блиц minute video game rook bishop board live king queen pawn.

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Rapid Chess. Rapid chess or active chess is when both players start with 30 minutes for all their moves. Blitz Chess. Blitz chess normally means 5 minutes for the whole game. But 3 minute blitz is also popular. The word Blitz is a German word for lightning and that's how fast you have to play! Bullet Chess According to the United States Chess Federation Rules, blitz chess is usually played with a total of 5 minutes playing time per player, per game. However, USCF rules allow the game organizer to introduce the use of delay or increment time. When increment time is employed, once the base time expires you have a set increment of time to complete each successive move. If time expires before you play and you have enough resources on the board to checkmate your opponent, you lose Blitz Chess This game is also known as Speed Chess or 5-minute Chess, is a variant defined as a single, sudden death time control from 1 to 10 minutes. Blitz games typically are set at five minutes. These games sometimes use a time delay or increment. Since each game takes only about 10 minutes, it has long been popular for fun. Blitz Rating System Blitz has its own rating system. To be rated. Rapid chess explained. Quick or rapid chess is usually defined as chess matches lasting between 10 and 60 minutes. Rapid tournaments are commonly only lasting a single day which makes them attractive for tournament organisers. They are also long enough to keep the matches interesting. Usually in rapid tournaments it is not required to keep notes during the game. Blitz chess explained. Blitz.

E. Miscellaneous / 01. Laws of Chess / FIDE Laws of Chess ..

Etiquette, Time limit, rules etc. Please keep your valuables with you during the day - we do not have a cloakroom and we have had thefts. You must supervise your child throughout the day. Children should not play at the front of the church as it disturbs the Vicar. He lives next door At the Wikipedia, you have an extensive List of chess variants - Wikipedia. It would be too long to copy all the list here, I advise to take a look there. Your question is more oriented to classify chess according to Time control . Classical Chess.. Rules: The FIDE Laws of Chess apply, including Appendix A: Rapid Chess and Appendix A.4. Arbiter: Nick Cooper. Notes: Rating Group A, B and C are the players in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th quartiles of the rated players (e.g. if there are 40 rated players, rating Groups A, B and C include the 11th-20th, 21st-30th and 31st-40th rated players respectively). Rating prizes are awarded based on the rating. Chess is an abstract strategy game and involves no hidden information. It is played on a square chessboard with 64 squares arranged in an eight-by-eight grid. At the start, each player controls sixteen pieces: one king, one queen, two rooks, two knights, two bishops, and eight pawns. The object of the game is to checkmate the opponent's king, whereby the king is under immediate attack and there is no way to remove it from attack on the next move. There are also several ways a game can end in a

  1. Rapid Blitz Age 1: Carlsen: 2862.8 +2.8: 2894.0: 2873.0: 25: 3 ↑2: V-Lagrave: 2799.5 +12.8: 2791.0: 2835.2: 25: 4 ↓1: Kramnik: 2797.6 −3.7: 2778.0: 2713.0: 41: 2 ↓1: Caruana: 2843.5-3.5: 2752.0: 2800.0: 23: 5 ↑1: Nakamura: 2796.6 +7.6: 2839.0: 2842.4: 2
  2. The rules of chess (also known as the In rapid chess and blitz chess, the first completed illegal move results in a loss. [15] Illegal position. If it is discovered during the game that the starting position was incorrect, the game is restarted. If it is discovered during the game that the board is oriented incorrectly, the game is continued with the pieces transferred to a correctly.
  3. For stronger programs it might be dangerous to avoid draws by Fifty-move Rule, as happened for instance at the 1st World Computer Rapid Chess Championship in the game between HIARCS and Alaric aka TerraPi . Too much Respect . An example of too much respect appeared during the WMCCC 1990 in Lyon, Mephisto versus Échec. Échec had something like +4 pawn-units for the final repeated position.
  4. Foreword Chess rules cannot take into account all possible situations that may arise during the game, and do not cover all organizational issues. In cases that are not fully regulated by the Rules, decisions should be made on the basis of similar situations considered in the Rules. The rules are based on the fact that the arbitrators have the necessary competence, sufficient common sense and are absolutely objective. In addition,
  5. Chess Weekend Online Fair Play Rules. By registering, all players agree not to use outside assistance of any kind. Players may not listen to music, wear headphones, or have another electronic device near them while playing. Players must not have any other applications or browser tabs open on their computer while playing

Play Chess Online for all levels. Hints for beginners. Thousands of players online now. By ChessBas Now falling back to the traditional rules of chess -- albeit with a bit more haste -- the ten super-GMs will play 27 games across the next 5 days. The rapid portion (G/25+5) will be played round robin, featuring three games over each of the next three days, while blitz games will close out the event in a double round robin format. Each GM will play nine blitz games (G/5+3) on both Friday and. Internationally, chess is played in three formats, namely, classical, blitz and rapid; the main difference being time allotted to make a move. Some players are more competent in one format while there are the ones who are equally proficient in all three. Magnus Carlsen was the World Champion across all three formats at the same time. Here we explain the formats, along with differences MAGNUS CARLSEN RULES ON CHESS | Open Euro Rapid Day 1 Magnus wins 3 games in a row except loss with Wesley So. In this video I tried to show how world champ.. European Women Rapid Chess Championship 2019 will take place on 30th November and 1st of December. The European Individual Rapid Chess Championship will be played according to the Swiss system, in 11 rounds, with the time control 15 minutes game + 10 seconds per move starting from the first move

9. All the remittances must be made by Demand Draft favouring All India Chess Federation payable at Chennai. 10. As per the AICF rule the entry fee should not be more than 1% of the total Prize Money. The cheque/demand draft for the entry fee should be drawn in favour of the academy or district association account and should not be in. The Lindores Abbey Rapid Challenge is a 12-player online super-tournament taking place on chess24 from May 19 to June 3 2020. The 2nd event of the Magnus Carlsen Tour, it has a $150,000 prize fund with $45,000 for 1st place. The winner qualifies for the $300,000 Grand Final in August. In the preliminary stage the players play each other once in rapid chess, with the Top 8 going forward to the. Treysha Flores rules ECC-Manila online chess tourney By Marlon Bernardino PhilBoxing.com Wed, 20 Jan 2021 Treysha Flores bagged the championship trophy in the under 20 division of the 2nd España. The Lindores Abbey Rapid Challenge is a 12-player online super-tournament taking place on chess24 from May 19 to June 3 2020. The 2nd event of the Magnus Carlsen Tour, it has a $150,000 prize fund with $45,000 for 1st place. The winner qualifies for the $300,000 Grand Final in August. 8 players play the knockout stage, where each clash is decided by a series of 3 mini-matches. Each mini-match. MuZero masters Go, chess, shogi and Atari without needing to be told the rules, thanks to its ability to plan winning strategies in unknown environments. For many years, researchers have sought methods that can both learn a model that explains their environment, and can then use that model to plan the best course of action. Until now, most.

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  1. Thank you for considering joining us in growing scholastic chess in Rapid City. See you at chess club! Leave a comment The penultimate week Posted on October 30, 2015 October 30, 2015 by Aaron. Here we are, the penultimate week. I am so glad that students have acquired the knowledge necessary to play the game of chess at such a high-level in such a short period of time. We have one week.
  2. Manolo Pedralvez. Posted at Feb 16 2021 12:04 AM. Grandmaster Wesley So downed Norwegian world No. 1 Magnus Carlsen via clinical 4.5-3.5 win Monday morning (Sunday in Europe and the US) to rule their 8-game series in the finals of the Opera Rapid tournament. Deadlocked at 2 points after the first day Saturday, So scored a pivotal win with the.
  3. Fred Resture has won the National Youth Rapid Chess Championship held on the 20th and 21st of February 2021 in Honiara. Organized by the Solomon Islands Chess Federation the championship was said to be a success. The championship brought together chess players between the ages of 15 and 34. Following the Championship, Solomon Islands Chess Federation identified and endorsed Fred Resture to.
  4. The February Scholastic Rapid Tournament (DMV Scholastic Grand Prix Event) - Wednesday, February 3rd at 6 pm Eastern Standard Time (5 pm CT, 4 pm MT, or 3 pm PT) We encourage players to complete the registration process and join the tournament online before 5:45 pm EST. If you're late to the tournament you could end up missing round 1! • Anyone can participate, regardless of geographical.
  5. All chess play shall be in accordance with The Official Rules Of Chess as defined by the Federation Internationale Des Echecs (FIDE). The FICGS correspondence chess rapid tournaments are single round-robin tournaments involving 7 players or 2 games matches involving 2 players (on the website only). Entry fees are E-Points that you can buy in 'My account'. Read carefully terms and.
  6. e eligibility for sections, but this may change - your feedback would be appreciated. The rating / grading prize is usually awarded for the best score by a player in a grading band. We will allocate rating and grading prize bands based on the entries. Cash prizes are always split between tied players (i.e. two players tied for first place would win £90.00.
  7. World Rapid Championship (2019) The 2019 King Salman FIDE World Rapid Championship was a 15-round Swiss open held at Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow, Russia, 26-28 December, with the participation of 158 GM's, including defending champion Daniil Dubov. The prize fund was $350,000, with $60,000 to the winner

Rules. ECU Statutes; ECU Tournament Rules; ECU Bank Account; ECU BRAND BOOK; APP; ECU CALENDAR 2020 *The exact dates of the first and the last round of each competition are finalized by the official invitation. Official Calendar. 1st Quarter ECU Board Meeting : Larnaca, Cyprus: 30-Jan-20: 2-Feb-20: European Online Chess Championship 2020: chess.com: 16-May-20: 31-May-20: European Online Youth. Rapid chess is a type of chess game where each player is allotted 5 to 20 minutes for the whole game. The rules are simple: the player loses as soon as he runs out of time, or the one who mates first wins. There are two types of Rapid games. When the game is allocated exclusively from 5 to 20 minutes, or the second option, when a few seconds are added to the total time after each turn. Usually. DIU-ACPB Rapid Rating Chess Tournament 2021 DIU-ACPB Rapid Rating Chess Tournament 2021 Date: 5 February 2021 Time: 10 am in the morning Venue: Daffodil University, 4/2 Sobhanbagh, (Ground Floor / 71 Reunion), Dhanmondi, Dhaka Organized by: Daffodil University and Association of Chess Players Bangladesh (ACPB) Sponsored by: Golden Sporting Club, Dhaka 1. 9 Round Swiss League Method (Time. Cebuano Montoya rules Fenton online chess By Marlon Bernardino PhilBoxing.com Fri, 15 Jan 2021 National Master Edsel Montoya scored 2 points in the last two rounds to emerge as the overall. By Kristel Satumbaga. Sander Severino. (From Wikipedia page) FIDE Master Sander Severino drew with reigning world champion International Master Igor Yarmonov of Ukraine in the ninth and final round to rule the International Physically Disabled Chess Association (IPCA) Online Rapid Chess Championship and become the very first Filipino world champion in the sport Wednesday


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Pancha Lal Krishna Maya Maharjan Memorial 3rd Rapid Chess Tournamen Lindores Abbey Rapid Challenge (2020) The Lindores Abbey Rapid Challenge was a 12-player online super-tournament taking place on chess24 from May 19 to June 3 2020. Chief arbiter: Panagiotis Nikolopoulos. The 2nd event of the Magnus Carlsen Tour, it had a $150,000 prize fund with $45,000 for 1st place. The winner would qualify for the $300,000. Chess is a twa-player strategy board gemme played on a chessboord, a checkered gameboard wi 64 squares arranged in an aicht-bi-aicht grid.It is ane o the warld's maist popular gemmes, played bi millions o fowk warldwide at home, in clubs, online, bi correspondence, an in toornaments.. Baith player begins the gemme wi 16 pieces: ane keeng, ane queen, twa ruiks, twa knights, twa bishops, an. The rules of the rapid chess. The most of the basic rules of chess and others as listed below 1. Each player must make all his moves in the time specified for the game. 2. The player with the black pieces chooses the standard time. 3. If an illegal position is created or an illegal move made without the opponent making a claim , then a claim not allowed when the opponent has determined a next. World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen tops the field for the Opera Euro Rapid, the 3rd stage of the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour. The 16-player event will be played online on chess24 from February 6th to 14th and features a $100,000 prize fund, with $30,000 for 1st place

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Chinese Chess (Xiàng Qí, 中国象棋, シャンチー, Co Tuong), is a strategy board game for two players, which enjoys a long history over 3000 years. The basic chess rules are simple and easy to understand, which is suitable for everyone. Whether Chinese or foreign, men or women, young or old, all of you can challenge our Chinese chess in mobile phone and start an intellectual competition WORLD CADET & YOUTH RAPID AND BLITZ CHESS CHAMPIONSHIPS 2020 12 - 16 April 2020 Age categories under 08, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, Open and Girls Hersonissos Crete, GREECE INVITATION & REGULATIONS 1. Invitation This is the official invitation to all National Chess Federations of FIDE and eligible players to participate in the 4th FIDE World Cadet U8, U10, U12 & the 4th FIDE World Youth U14, U16, U18. Define rapid chess. rapid chess synonyms, rapid chess pronunciation, rapid chess translation, English dictionary definition of rapid chess. n. A form of chess in which all moves must be completed during a fixed time, usually 15 minutes per player. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English... Rapid chess - definition of rapid chess by The Free Dictionary. https://www.thefreedictionary.com. The 2019 Tata Steel Chess India Rapid & Blitz will become the first GCT event ever to be held in Asia when the event commences in Kolkata in November. The tournament is sponsored by Tata Steel India and organised by Gameplan Sports Pvt. Ltd and was an instant hit when it was run as an independent event in 2018 Rules for Acceptance of Games for Rating. This document is effective from September 2020. 1. Games submitted to the ECF for rating must be played in accordance with the FIDE Laws of Chess, or as modified by the ECF Tournament Rules. Events where the Director of Home Chess has allowed a request to use rule variations not covered by the ECF.

6.h. FIDE Pairing rules and software will be used. 6.i. Teams from the same academic institutions will not be paired against each other in the last two rounds. They may be paired against each other in rounds 1-7. 6.j. This event is not rated by US Chess, FIDE, or URS. Scoring 7.a. Team scoring, in order of priority. 7.a.1. Match Points. 7.a.2. According to the Rules (nay, the Laws!) of Chess: A promoted pawn cannot remain a pawn and must be replaced by a piece before hitting the clock. Rex' beloved son Randy -- at the time, also his. 01. Rules for the FIDE Open World Rapid Championship & FIDE Open World Blitz Championship. 02. Rules for the FIDE Women's World Rapid Championship & FIDE Women's World Blitz Championship. 08. Regulations for the FIDE World Fischer Random Chess Championship: 01. Regulations for the 2019 FIDE World Fischer Random Chess Championshi Hello everyone! I am a Chess Trainer with experience with all kinds of players (I am personally 2700 Lichess Rapid, 2200 FIDE) - One of the most common questions I get is: How do I not blunder? I realize that there are many methods available in Chess World, Dorfman's Method In Chess, Kotov's Candidate Moves, and many others - but what should be made clear is that these complicated methods.

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The tournament shall be played according to the rules set by lichess.org. Players shall use lichess accounts provided by... The tournament shall be supervised by the Chief Arbiter (the CA). The CA shall be responsible for ensuring fair play... The CA shall be responsible for ensuring fair play. There will be four rounds. • There are no predetermined round times after the first round. Rounds will start as soon as possible after all the games from that section have ended. • Online computer analysis of all games will be possible immediately after the tournament Chess Federation of Sri Lanka ONLINE RAPID TEAMS CHESS CUP 2020 Sri Lanka Chess News and Lessons December 15, 2020 CFSL ONLINE RAPID TEAMS CHESS CUP 2020 This is an online Rapid Team Chess Full Details with Rules & Regulations. Selection of Titled Participants. Results, Tables, Fixtures and Live Commentary and Analysis! Donations for Oxfam COVID 19 Appeal . The Story and History of 2020 Chess . Tournament Feedback . Photo Gallery 'Real 2020' 2020 Chess Results Archive . Scorchapp Data Platform: Highly recommended! Featuring World Famous Grandmasters and Titled players. The 2020. Website created and maintained by Paul Orton me@paulorton.com Last modified 27th Feb 2021 Online chess in Wales Welsh Online Ratings (Lichess) Details Dyfed Online League 2020-21 Details Dyfed Online Closed 2021 Details Howard Williams is the winner! WCU Open League 2020 Newport and Friends are the winners! WCU U1800 League 2020 North Cardiff Panthers are the winners

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Some regional organizations have different rules. If blitz chess is being played (in which both players have a small, limited time, e.g. five minutes) the rule varies. A player may correct an illegal move if the player has not pressed their clock. If a player has pressed their clock, the opponent may claim a win if he or she hasn't moved. If the opponent moves, the illegal move is accepted and. HOME OF U.S. CHAMPIONSHIP CHESS & THE COUNTRY'S TOP PLAYERS. 2020 Saint Louis Rapid & Blitz. The Saint Louis Rapid & Blitz will be held online and will showcase some of the world's top rapid and blitz players including World Champion Magnus Carlsen and a few of the American favorites - Hikaru Nakamura, Wesley So, Leinier Dominguez and Jeffery Xiong. The ten players will be competing for a. Chess played by a strong player without being able to see the board. The player is not blind, but sits with his back to the boards, or wears a blindfold. Moves are called out in notation. Blitz chess. Defined by FIDE (Appendix C) as a game where all the moves must be made within a set time of less than 15 minutes for each side. They are always played with clocks. Some special rules are.

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Rapid Chess. 20 Min. Rapid Chess - Play Now! Informant Chess. 10 Min. Informant Chess - Play Now! Blitz Chess. 5 Min. Blitz Chess - Play Now! Bullet Chess 2′ 2 Min. Hindi Chess Videos Presents. Chess Openings for Beginners and preintermediate gamers. In this video I'll clarify Fundametal Opening Rules, rules & Strategy. 1. King Saftey 2. Activity of items, Other are simply supportive to above fundamental guidelines like Center Control Rapid Pieces Development Castle Knight Before Bishop (Flexibility

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Schachtaktik für alle Spielstärken. Jeden Tag neue Stellungen. Allein oder gegen andere spielen. Von ChessBase 1948 World Chess Championship 1959 Candidates 1962 Candidates 2.c3 Sicilian 2.f4 Sicilian 2011 European Team Championship 2011 Russian Championship 2012 Capablanca Memorial 2012 Chess Olympiad 2012 European Women's Championship 2012 London Chess Classic 2012 U.S. Junior Championship 2012 U.S. Women's Championship 2012 US Championship 2012 Women's World Chess Championship 2012 World Rapid and. This site is dedicated to my computerchess activities since 2001 and all chess programs, which are capable of running under one of the free chess protocols as XB or UCI. You'll find here informations about all ever released chess programs running under the above protocols in the XB/UCI chronology below. There are also results and games from various tournaments hold under the Winboard GUI and a.

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